SunTrust Online Banking Guide

SunTrust Online Banking Guide

SunTrust Bank is committed to providing clients with insightful advice and direction. Every recommendation is carefully evaluated to ensure that it sets you on the right path, that it is in your family or business’ best interest, can easily be followed and it will add to your sense of security. SunTrust Bank provides individuals, businesses, corporations, organizations and institutions with a full range of financial products and services to meet their needs.

SunTrust Online Banking, through their electronic payment system, allows its clients to carry out various financial transactions via: This website connects to SunTrust Bank’s core banking system.

You can manage your money 24/7 by accessing your account(s) online using any computer. With SunTrust Online Banking you can check your balance(s), pay your bills, transfer money, and update your information at your convenience. We invite you to have a look at how this works: SunTrust Online Banking Overview.

If you are currently an account holder at SunTrust Bank, please click on the following link to sign on: Sign on to SunTrust Online Banking.

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Enrolling in SunTrust Online Banking

By following a few easy steps, you can easily get enrolled in SunTrust Online banking:

  1. Go online to this page, select an enrollment option among those offered, and click “Begin Enrollment.”
  2. You will be taken to another webpage, where you will fill in the information needed to create your SunTrust Online Banking account. You will be asked for your SunTrust Account Number or your debit/credit card number
  3. Enter the PIN for your debit card, along with your social security number (SSN). When finished, click “Next.”
  4. On this page you will need to set a user ID and password. Once you’ve done that, click “Next.”
  5. Finally, you are required to enter your email address and/or mobile phone number. Once this is done, you will be registered for online banking.

SunTrust Online Banking Mobile App

When you bank online with SunTrust, you can take care of routine banking tasks remotely, like checking your balances, transferring money and making deposits.

The SunTrust Mobile App works with both Apple and Android devices and is designed to give you secure access to your bank account(s) quickly and easily from wherever you are. You can pay your bills, transfer money, make deposits, check your balance(s) and activity, use Zelle to send money and locate SunTrust Bank branches and ATM.

We invite you to download the app to get started. Use your User ID and Password to sign in.

App Features:

Receive Alerts: Set up push alerts, which will appear on your mobile device to keep you informed on your account activity.

Check Your Balance: Quickly view your account balance(s) without having to sign in.

Transfer & Send Money: Transfer money between your SunTrust Bank accounts, to and from accounts of yours at other banks, and use Zelle to conveniently send money to others.

Pay Your Bills: You can quickly and easily pay your bills through the app, with just your password and a few clicks.

Deposit Checks: Save yourself a trip to the bank by depositing your checks directly through the app.

Receive eStatements: You can set it up to receive your bank statement electronically. This is a paperless solution that keeps you organizes and reduces your risk of identity theft. You can access 18 months of statements that will be securely stored for you online. You can be confident that SunTrust Bank is fully committed to protecting your financial information and that their Online Banking system is completely secure.

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