Citadel Online Banking Guide

Citadel Online Banking Guide

Citadel is a credit union that qualifies a life-sustaining business. Citadel online banking offers all the financial services to its customers and serves them. Any of the customers can go at different branches and ATM Locations that remain open to serve its members. The routing number of Citadel bank is 231380104.

How to log in to your account in Citadel online banking:

Go to the official page of citadel bank by clicking this link

  • Click on the login on the top.
  • Enter user ID.
  • Then by entering your password, you can log into citadel online baking.
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How to Enroll in to your account in citadel online banking:

If you are not enrolled yet, and you don’t have a username or password or you are a new customer then, follow the following steps to enroll in the online banking

(Make sure you have a good internet connection during this whole procedure. You can enroll on computer or mobile phone whatever you can approach to your account easily)

  1. Go to the official page of citadel bank by clicking this link
  2. Then click on Enroll now for enrolling your account in Online Banking.
  3. Online banking enrollment section will ask you to fill the asked information to complete your enrollment. Enter account information like Account number, social security number, and then create user name for the further log in.
  4. Keep in mind the following points while entering this information:
    When entering your Account Number, don’t enter the leading zeroes (0) and skip the dash (-) or the numbers that follow.
    Also do not use dashes when entering your Social Security Number.
    When creating your Username, Please do not use special characters.
  5. Click on continue to proceed.
  6. Click on enroll.
  7. By clicking on Enroll, you will be enrolled for your account. Now you can check your account anytime and enjoy the key features of online banking.

Citadel Online Banking App

Citadel Online Banking mobile app is the ultimate way to manage your financial services and  your money. It is fully secured and it’s free. Through Citadel app and online system, you can enjoy the convenience of personal online banking and other amazing features while sitting at your home and in the palm of your hand.

In order to download the Citadel app, visit the official website or download it from your Google play store and enjoy the key features of it. To login to your account, enter your user ID and password and get started.

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